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Welcome on the official website of Port Electronics group.

The organization was founded by a group of ambitious people, jointly implementing numerous projects already. Group consists of engineers, masters of engineering and technical sciences of doctors, which allows us to undertake various, often non-trivial and complex projects. We attach enormous importance to the quality of our services. We always suggest our customers technical support in the process of designing new devices. She often collaborates with the Łódź University of Technology- a leading university in the central part of Poland and one of the best in our country. Thanks to this all the time we are close to the latest technology solutions and advanced equipment which further confirms the highest quality of our services.

Port Electronics was founded 01 October 2016. Having already big luggage of experience with projects both scientific and commercial We have taken the desire to undertake new projects for companies, institutions and individual clients.


portelectronics.pl is mainly an advertisement of our organization. Besides this, from time to time we will present information regarding our further projects and some interesting events in the area of new technologies.


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